Discover French Cuisine in Paris

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Apart from the breathtaking sceneries in France, most travellers visit the capital to try out the famous cuisines. They are known for their rich flavour and finesse. Many of them feature detailed history, with slight modern adaptations while others consist of traditional foods, which use simple combinations made of natural ingredients. Several French chefs have received international accolades for turning basic French food into grande cuisine that stands out in the global arena. If you visited France to try its famed culinary course in Paris in English speaking, here are some specialities you should try.

Beef Bourguignon

It is a traditional French meal that is now known internationally. Beef Bourguignon has its roots in eastern France. It is made of stew that has been made of beef brewed in red wine, seasoned with fresh herbs, mushrooms, garlic and pearl onions. The meat is braised in the ingredients for two days to intensify the characteristic flavour and make it tender. During August, Burgundy residents celebrate the Fete du Charolais with music and beef Bourguignon.

Soupe à l’oignon

It is a traditional French soup made of beef stock and onions and originates from the Roman descent. Its unique taste is associated with the caramelisation of the onions, where sherry or brandy is added for a steady cooking process. Flour, eggs or milk may also be added to thicken the soup. You can serve Soupe an l’oignon with melted cheese and croutons.

Confit de Canard

It is another rich French dish made of duck, though some chefs use pork or goose. The meat is prepared using age-old techniques where it is marinated in garlic, salt and thyme for 36 hours. It is the slow-cooked or deep-fried in its fat at a low temperature. Confit de Canard is served with roasted potatoes, and you will find it in most French restaurants. Regions such as the Gascony serve it as a speciality dish.

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