Why Choose French Cooking Classes in English

croissant class paris

Thanks to France’s rich gastronomy, many travellers flock to the country to learn various culinary courses. The country hosts famous cooking schools that target amateurs, ordinary travellers and professional chefs in different regions around the world. If you have visited to learn how to cook indigenous French dishes, regular cooking schools that offer bakery and other culinary courses come in handy. However, in case you are looking for accreditation, consider visiting renowned institutions like Le Cordon Bleu Paris that offer certificates and diplomas to students. Most schools provide culinary courses in French. As a consequence, they require non-natives to take French language courses while learning their desired cooking classes. If you are not ready to learn French, you can look for institutions that offer French cooking classes in English. Over time, culinary instructors have set up English-speaking courses to cater to non-natives and make the activity enjoyable. Here are some examples.

La Cuisine Paris

The courses include simple everyday recipes that are easy to remember. They include how to make macaron, pastries, croissant and sauces, among other delicious foods. Classes last 2-3 hours and are designed to accommodate groups and individuals.

Le Foodist

The class was established by Amanda, a British woman, and is one of the celebrated cooking classes in Paris in english speaking (see here). It offers cooking and baking classes, and visitors are invited to a Food Tour in the Latin Quarter, which hosts the best producers. The tour ends with a picnic in the park. Wine enthusiasts will enjoy the wine-tasting class offered at Le Foodist.

A World in a Pan

This institution offers up to six cooking classes in English. The chef begins with a brief introduction to the French culture before taking you to the market to buy produce for the menu. For example, during the Cheese Class (‘All about Cheese), the chef explains its origin and how its use has evolved. You then join a group of eight other people who have enrolled for the class to prepare the food.